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As a teacher, I believe in a student-centered approach that incorporates ideas found within the theories of progressivism, constructivism and behavior modification. 

 Throughout my professional practice, I have learnt that students learn best through real-world experiences that are meaningful to them. Lifelong knowledge is achieved when students are motivated and interested on what they are learning; that can be accomplished by giving them a voice in the learning process, and by assisting them in making connections between the curriculum and their own experiences and interests.

 My classroom offers  solid structures that promote student's achievement within a multicultural environment where all students are equally valued and respected.

 In my classroom:

      * Students' participation is highly valued and motivated.

     * Students are viewed as thinkers with their own emerging ideas about the world.

     *  Cooperative learning is promoted with students working with partners or in small  groups.

    * Curriculum is presented whole to part with emphasis on big concepts.  

   * Assessments are interwoven with teaching and occur through formal and  informal situations that give students a fair chance for showing their true abilities.

About Me

I have been teaching for over 12 years; I have taught almost all elementary grades and I must say, each grade offers different challenges but equally satisfactory rewards. My passion is to work with English language learners and struggling readers.

I have a Master in Education with Specialization in Language and Literacy and a Master in Applied Linguistics with concentration in English as a second language. I also have a K-12 Reading Specialist Credential.

 I am married and have two daughters. My oldest daughter is an attorney, my youngest is attending college seeking a degree in communications.

Besides being with my family, the things I enjoy the most are reading and traveling!